Why Mothers Need A Mentor To Guide Them

Mother’s Day 2021 has now passed. The time of celebrating moms should never end. Moms do most of the work in raising children. Their work is never done. There is always laundry to do, boo-boos to kiss, bills to pay, and more. With so many responsibilities on mom’s plate, it makes you wonder how she always knows what to do. But there is a secret that only us moms know. Mom doesn’t always know how to do everything. There are many days she spends wondering what to do and questioning her every decision the day before. Mothers need a mentor. They need a woman who has gone before them who can help them navigate life’s inevitable rough patches in parenting. Almost every mother has had a mentor, whether she knows it or not. There has been a mother she wanted to emulate herself after. It’s time we walked about why having a mother mentor is an excellent idea for every mother. 

There are life coaches, career coaches, spiritual mentors, teachers, and so on. Doesn’t it make sense that mothers need a mentor? You need a coach or a mentor for everything, it seems. Being a mother is a big responsibility. I mean, we are talking about growing babies into adulthood here. That is no easy thing! Mothers need a mentor because the job is tough, and they need someone helping them along the way. 

Mothers Need A Mentor For New Motherhood 

Mothers need someone to help them find their balance at varying stages of motherhood. There are the first few weeks of bringing a new baby home that can be nerve-wracking. Babies turn our lives upside down in all the right ways. But even if you have cared for someone else’s newborn, there is a big difference between being with a new baby for a few hours and taking one home to live at your house. New mothers need a mentor to help them with all the questions they might have with caring for their newborn. A new mother mentor also needs a mentor to help her build her confidence as she steps into the role of motherhood. 

 A new mother mentor is usually the mother’s mother, aunt, older sibling, grandmother, or someone close to her that has parented a new baby before. These women in their circle are trusted mothers whom the new mother puts her confidence in to give her good advice. The mothers in your family who have raised children before are indispensable resources for new mothers. 

The Toddler Years Can Require A Lot Of Mom Mentoring 

Having a toddler is a challenging and rewarding experience. Toddlers are much more interactive than babies. Toddlers do funny things as they learn and grow. Toddlers experiment with how to communicate which takes some of the pressure off guessing what they need. Toddler communication provides a way to bond emotionally with your toddler in ways you couldn’t when they were a baby. There are also ways that toddlers express themselves that can be hard to figure out. Toddlers also tend to change their eating and sleeping habits overnight. These sudden changes can be disruptive to the household. Mothers need a mentor to help with better ways to communicate with their toddlers, and fixing interruptions in sleeping schedules, encouraging proper nutrition, and ways to appropriately discipline a toddler. 

Mothers need a mentor for parenting toddlers because this stage of development can be stressful for moms of toddlers. Mother mentors at this stage can either be a mother who is close to her or a pre-school teacher. For mothers looking for mentors for parenting a toddler, MOPS groups are excellent places to find one. Sometimes your toddler’s pediatrician can direct you to places where mom can get some mentoring for the toddler years. 

What You Can Do If You Need Help Being A Good Mom 

Sometimes mom needs someone to confide in about the challenges she faces parenting. It is a good mother who is willing to admit she needs help. Good moms do that. Every mom seeks help in some way during her time as a parent. ABC Women’s center offers excellent parenting courses for moms who want some direction, advice, and parenting strategies that work. If you would like to talk to someone about signing up for our parenting course, contact us today to find out how to get involved. Mothers need a mentor, and we are here to help you be the best mom you can be. 

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