Advice For Single Moms From Single Moms


Christina B. 10/2/2017

At ABC Women’s Center we have the privilege of working with single mothers. Some client’s come to us alone after being rejected by their romantic partner or the father of their child because they’ve chosen to parent. We’ve seen other client’s come with a boyfriend or husband but lose that relationship over time. Regardless of the circumstances in a woman’s life, we want her to know she’s not alone. Our parenting program provides emotional support and quality educational/material resources to moms and families in need.

In addition to the clients we serve, we’re a vital part of a larger thriving community of people who support our work. We talked to single mothers we admire to hear how they cope with the challenges of raising their children on their own. We asked them how they endured struggles and what advice would they give to another single mom. Here’s what they said:

You are stronger than you think. Becoming a mother does something to a woman’s willpower and strength; it increases it greatly. Fearing the unknown is natural, and even though everything may not look okay or even be okay, it’s okay to have hope that it will be. Faith and hope keep you going when all else fails. It’s okay to take a guilt-free break and to have a hobby just for yourself. We cannot pour out of an empty cup. We must take care of ourselves also.


Dear single mom, it gets better. The first phase maybe fear from the unknown, but there is a brighter side to this. Everyday won’t be perfect but it won’t be all bad either. You find out who you truly are and how strong you are. You don’t know how strong you are until your motherly instincts kick in and you find out your equipped for this. Your capable of doing an amazing job raising this baby because you were chosen for it. Read, listen and learn and watch yourself GROW!!!!


It might be hard and require a lot from you but when your child smiles at you or says mommy for the first time everything will be worth it.


Single moms, keep going & pressing forward to your full potential. Just because you are a single mom does not mean that life is over. Children are God’s most precious gift to us. Protect & nurture them & show them love. Love is the most important thing that our children need regardless of how rocky our financial circumstances may be.

We hope the words from these single moms can help encourage you in your journey. If you are a single mother that needs someone to talk to, call our Center at 860-344-9292 and ask to speak with a Client Advocate. If you are pregnant and single, we invite you to join our parenting program to receive support on a monthly basis. You are not alone.