How A Parent Can Find Peace In A World Gone Mad

a parent can find peace

Trying to find a moment of quiet comes at a premium these days. No matter where we turn, there are people warring over the things of the day. The Internet and the public squares are all squawking about this thing or that. There are many issues to tackle. These issues are all demanding to be settled at once. The noise is fatiguing. While the world rages on, it is the simple things as a parent that weigh us down. How can a parent find peace in a world gone mad? 

As responsible citizens, we feel impressed to have an opinion or to join in the debates. But those decisions can be wearying. Most of the issues of the day are polarizing and angry-making. What is of utmost importance to one group hardly raises the eyebrow of another. Everyone cares passionately, but it feels at times that no one really cares about what matters most to the parent at home with their kids. What do parents want most? What is keeping them up at night? Chances are, while the issues of the day are important, what is most pressing isn’t any of those things but the ones that hit closest to home.

A Parent Can Find Peace By Slowing Down First 

If you are looking for something to get fired up about, look no further than your cellphone. There are plenty of things just waiting to grab your attention as soon as you check your feeds. And feeds is a pretty operative word. It’s cleverly named because feasting your eyes on a steady diet of Internet feeds is certain to leave you hungry for peace. Bad news begets bad news. Meaning, the more bad news on a given topic you click on in your news feeds, the more that news source feeds you similar information. 

With ever-increasing frequency, these similar stories and topics start running endlessly, just begging for you to click. This frustrating marketing tactic quickly creates an alternate reality for the reader. It creates a world where everything is bleak and centered around one issue only. This is not reality, nor is it healthy to soak your brain in.

A parent can find peace in a world gone mad by limiting exactly what the world feeds them. If you are feeling anxious and overwhelmed by the state of the world today, perhaps limiting or taking a break from social media altogether would be in order. Many who have taken breaks or entered into Internet fasts report how much better they feel in just a few days. The grind of bad news is halted and their peace of mind returns.  

Another great tactic for slowing down the information that bombards the average cellphone user is to not make checking your news feeds the first thing you do in the morning. Instead of rolling over in bed to grab your cellphone from the nightstand to check how much the world has deteriorated since you went to bed, try practicing a 5-minute meditation on being thankful and grateful instead. 

Getting your mind focused on gratitude can do wonders for ensuring a parent can find peace. What a pleasant way to start the day by focusing on what is good, rather than what has gone wrong in a world gone mad.

Take Time With Big Decisions When You Are Overwhelmed 

A hectic world creates a rev in us when we are overwhelmed by it. Constant focus on things that are wrong or need fixing in the world can force us to accelerate our decision making. When you are faced with ‘one more thing’ to deal with, getting to that decision can feel like the paramount to peace. Hold on to that thought. No one makes good decisions when they are scared or anxious. Anxiety is no way for a parent to find peace. There is no peace in panic. 

Before you make any big decisions as a parent, slow down and make sure you are in a calm state. If you are trying to make a decision right now, one that can permanently impact your family, the best thing you can do if you are overwhelmed is nothing. That’s right, nothing. 

Making rash decisions because you were already overwhelmed when this new decision came about is not going to have good consequences. Pace yourself. Seek a quiet state of mind before you become convinced there is only one path. It is amazing how quieting your soul and seeking information can help you see more than one way through a situation. You and your family deserve calm in making big decisions. A parent can find peace by pausing to be sure they are in the right state of mind to make big decisions. 

To quiet your mind, write down a gratitude list. Take a sheet of paper and number down the sheet the numbers 1 through 25. Write down something you are grateful for. Do you have anything in your refrigerator? Put that down. Do you have a roof over your head, no matter how modest it is? That’s another thing to be grateful for. Are your children alive? That’s another one. Are you breathing? That’s something to be grateful for! 

There Are Resources For The Weary Parent

All these things are great suggestions to settle the mind. But for some parents, it’s real resources that are needed to quiet the mind or get answers to tough decisions. ABC Women’s Center has practical resources for the parent in need of assistance. For families that are in need of help, ABC is here to lend a hand or help you find the path to the right resources. ABC also has great parenting classes for the parent who needs to find peace with parenting. ABC is also there to lend an ear and practical help to the family being faced with an unintended pregnancy. If you need help with any of these issues, reach out to us today for a consultation. 

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