The Top 3 Things You Will Find At A Women’s Resource Center

When people object to a women’s resource center over an abortion clinic, they are typically doing so because they don’t fully understand what a women’s resource center provides. Many envision little old ladies, probably former nuns, who are there to hold poor pregnant women captive until they agree to carry their babies to term. While there are a whole lot of people who would be happy to carry that rumor forward, let’s talk about reality for a moment. 

What is a women’s resource center all about? Aren’t the workers and volunteers there just a bunch of rabid pro-lifers who are willing to do anything to coerce a woman into being a mom? If you are thinking that is all a women’s resource center is about, we have news for you. That is hardly the case. The best way to understand what a women’s resource center does is to tell you what you will typically find at one of them.

A Women’s Resource Center Is About Getting Answers 

Many women are making appointments at women’s resource centers when they are not sure if they are pregnant. Usually, something has happened to make them concerned that they are. Women’s resource centers offer free pregnancy tests so women can be sure they are pregnant before they go down the stressful road of worrying about what to do about it. 

Getting answers to what could be an issue is the best way to deal with it. For women how are worried about being pregnant, too many of them find themselves in denial and exhibiting avoidance behavior instead of making sure they have something to worry about first. Neither one of these things is the best way to deal with an unintended pregnancy. Avoiding the answer to if you are pregnant does not make the pregnancy go away. Likewise, losing sleep over a pregnancy that isn’t even there is a hard way to deal with the question. Getting answers quickly helps women make good choices. 

If a woman comes to a women’s resource center and finds out that she is pregnant, she could be offered a free ultrasound. This will further confirm her pregnancy and also tell her how far along in her pregnancy she is. Many women are surprised to find out they are further along than they are. Definitive diagnoses from qualified professionals are the best way to get the right answers. Women’s resource centers are about getting answers to the tough questions and sharing all the information to be sure a woman has the right education on how to deal with her situation.

Women Are Told About The Choice For Abortion 

It is a big misconception that a women’s resource center does not discuss abortion with women who may be interested in considering one. Abortion is not the big bad word that no one talks about at women’s resource centers. Women are not yelled at or shamed for bringing it up. If a woman who is pregnant would like to consider one, a women’s resource center is happy to discuss this option with her. 

Like every other choice in what to do with an unintended pregnancy, there are pros and cons to consider. Women deserve to know the whole truth about all their choices, not just the ones someone wants them to pick. Women who are considering abortion should know what the cons of her decision are, both psychologically and physically. Unfortunately, you will likely not hear any cons mentioned at an abortion clinic. They are not there to help a woman decide what to do about her pregnancy. They are only there to help her terminate it. A women’s resource center believes that women deserve more than being steered in a direction. They want women to be fully informed of all their options. The best way to make the right decision is to be educated on all aspects of the decision.

These Centers Are Not Just For Pregnant Women 

The people that find help at a women’s resource center are not just pregnant women. There are other services at these centers besides pregnancy counseling and testing. Many women who choose to parent or are making adoption plans need resources while they are carrying. Help with getting food stamps, Medicaid, maternity clothes, and things for the baby are all things that women’s resource centers do. 

What happens after the baby is born? A women’s resource center is there for the new family too. Men who are going through an unplanned pregnancy also can find counseling at a women’s resource center. Men can be educated on all the options and their pros and cons right along with the expectant mother. When men and women are properly informed together, better decisions are made.

Most women’s resource centers also do a lot to support the new family in parenting through parenting resources and classes. This ensures everyone has a great start as they forge a new path as a family. It is not just about making the right choice but supporting the woman making the choice after the fact. 

Come See What Your Local Center Is All About 

Would you like to see for yourself what your local women’s resource center is all about? Make an appointment. Whether you need their services or not, most staff and volunteers are happy to educate you on what goes on at their center. The more informed the public is on what they do, the better they serve the community. If you would like to find out more, contact one today and make an appointment

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