What Does The Pro-Life Movement Need From The Church?

Closely tied to the Pro-Life movement is the church. It makes sense. Many Pro-Life organizations are also faith-based. But being faith-based doesn’t mean that the church as a whole is paying much attention to it. There are Christians who do believe that abortion is a matter of personal choice. They are certainly in the minority, or so it would seem, but the number of Christians embracing abortion as a matter of choice is steadily growing. This is cause for alarm for those who are Christian and also Pro-Life, as now you have to make a distinction.

What is the church’s role in the Pro-Life movement? Some would assume that the church of Jesus Christ stays out of the whole thing altogether. After all, they suppose, isn’t this a political issue?

All politics aside, there is much more involved than just a matter of what party you vote for. The church should be more involved in the Pro-Life movement than it is. While individuals from lots of churches are sharing their opinions on social media on the matter, there is much more to be done if the church of Jesus Christ is going to make an impact on a diminishing position for Christians, in general. 

The Pro-Life Movement Needs The Church To Take A Position On Abortion 

While there are individual churches that are actively advocating for life, there are many more who are largely silent on the matter. What you are not finding at most churches these days are sermons on how God values life. It seems to stay out of the political arena they have forgotten how much worth God places on human life. Who created life? God did. Who sent His son to ransom life back from the grave? God did. Does it make perfect sense then that He wants us to preserve life and value it above all else? 

Churches and individual churchgoers seem happy to share social media posts and get into online arguments for the Pro-Life movement, but when it comes to boots-on-the-ground activism for life, they are missing. What the Pro-Life movement needs from the church is people who show up to do the actual things that need doing. 

Social media arguments for life do nothing for the Pro-Life movement. Calling your elected officials, writing opinion articles, and voting for candidates who vote Pro-Life are the things that make a difference. Churches can help Pro-Life organizations by donating time and resources to pregnancy resource centers desperately needing support. Is your church committed to monthly giving to your local women’s resource center? 

Pastors need to commit to sharing God’s Word on the value of life instead of hiding from the subject to avoid controversy. Jesus was controversial. Surely He wouldn’t mind you taking a position for life in defense of the lives God created. 

The Church Needs To Come Up With A Plan For Helping Parents Choose Life 

Many good Christian women choose abortion instead of life out of fear of how their church will react to their situation. Fear of the unknown, or worse, fear of what happened to the last woman who shared their pregnancy happening to you, is keeping women from choosing life. Churches that have a plan for how to deal with unplanned pregnancies in their churches do more to help mom and dad embrace life and feel supported through their decision. How can a church create a plan for helping moms and dads choose life?

  • Partner with a local pregnancy center 
  • Educate your staff on how to work with women in crisis
  • Assign women from the church body to work with this situation
  • Embrace choosing life as a church culture

Your local pregnancy center is not just there to provide free pregnancy tests and ultrasounds. They are your Pro-Life partner in the fight for life. Your local pregnancy center can do much more to help your church embrace life and work with women facing an unplanned pregnancy than you realize. They are connected to tools and resources to help prove that choosing life in an unplanned situation can be a great success for all involved. 

Being The Church That Partners With The Pro-Life Movement

Your local pregnancy center is waiting for the church to embrace its work and get involved in what they are doing. Are you ready to be a church that partners for life? ABC Women’s Center is looking for local churches in CT who are willing to get in the fight for the unborn in a real way. If you’d like to find out more about how you can partner with ABC Women’s Center, contact us today.

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