What Kinds Of Services Are At A Pregnancy Resource Center?

There is lots of speculation about what kind of help you get at a pregnancy resource center. Depending on what side of the Life debate you are on, you can hear lots of things about what pregnancy resource centers do and don’t offer a woman who needs help. Perhaps it is time to pull back the curtain of uncertainty and help those wondering if they should make an appointment understand what is there for them. 

There have been many colorful depictions of pregnancy resource centers over the years. One thing is for sure; you are unlikely to find a bunch of grandmothers in afghan shawls begging a pregnant mother to keep her baby. You also probably won’t find a bunch of nuns shaming women into keeping their children either. What is there then? 

A Pregnancy Resource Center Offers More Than One Option 

There is only one option at an abortion clinic. That option is abortions. That is the reality that most abortion clinics would rather you not focus on. It doesn’t sound good. It is not independent of an agenda, and it doesn’t feel compassionate. But what else are you expecting to find at a clinic that sells abortions?

There are options for a woman who makes an appointment at a pregnancy resource center. That may sound shocking to pro-abortion proponents. They want to focus on the one option not at a pregnancy resource center; abortions. If you want to know what happens at an abortion appointment, a pregnancy resource center will share that information with you. It is best to be informed before you make an appointment. That way, there are no surprises if you decide to go ahead and have an abortion. 

But there are other options to discuss besides abortion if you are facing an unintended pregnancy. The one option you will discuss is parenting. For women who are apprehensive about parenting, it is good to discuss barriers to parenting. Many pregnancy resource centers offer assistance with rent, utilities, and food insecurity. For the pregnant mother who doesn’t think she can parent for these reasons, pregnancy resource centers help her with the challenges. Many times, after a good discussion, the fears subside, and logical planning can begin.

For pregnant mothers who cannot see parenting as a viable option, adoption may be worth discussing. Adoption is a scary word to those who do not know much about adoption. Overcoming fears about adoption is through education. A pregnancy resource center is there to get all the information a pregnant mother needs to make the best decision for her and her child. 

You Will Find Help Beyond The Pregnancy Stage

One of the harshest criticisms of pregnancy resource centers is that all they are interested in is helping a mother choose life and nothing else. This is patently false. A pregnancy resource center is there for a pregnant mother. But what they offer beyond gestation is so much more. Depending on the challenge for the new parents, there are several resources available to take advantage of. Pregnancy resource centers are there if new parents need materials goods to get baby off on the right foot:

  • Diapers and wipes
  • Formula help 
  • Clothing 
  • Parenting classes
  • WIC information
  • Other service referrals 

Most pregnancy resource centers offer services and goods until three years of age. The help you can get at a pregnancy resource center is invaluable to a new parent. 

You Can Get Help Even If You Chose To Have An Abortion 

Women make appointments with a pregnancy resource center and decide to get an abortion anyway. That happens. What any woman who chooses abortion needs to know is that there is still help for her at a pregnancy resource center. Most pregnancy resource centers offer post-abortion classes for women who are struggling with their decision after the fact. A woman struggling with a recent or past abortion can find compassion and help at a pregnancy resource center. 

If you would like to talk to ABC Women’s Center about what you can expect at their center if you come in, contact us today for a consultation. We’d be happy to talk to you about what you can expect and how we can help you. 

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