What Really Helps To Reduce Abortion Rates

The last two years have certainly been the time in U.S. history where we have seen a lot of action in terms of anti-abortion laws. Never have I recalled such a volley of laws aimed at curbing and opening up abortion access before. As much as the Pro-life movement advances in some states, they are becoming horrifyingly silenced in others. While all of this goes on, what is making the difference to reduce abortion rates? Is all of this legal bluster making a difference in the lives of those who need help? 

Some would say that eliminating access to abortion decreases the numbers, but the data is not necessarily bearing that out. The way to reduce abortion rates is more complicated than eliminating access. Abortion was illegal at one point in the country, and plenty of women managed to find a way to get one accomplished anyhow. 

What Works To Reduce Abortion Rates Is Conflicting 

While it is true, the abortion rate in the United States overall is down. There is data on both sides that report that truth for different reasons. The data points on both sides make the actual reason they give incongruous with one another. 

What does help to reduce abortion rates, according to Planned Parenthood? Contraception. They site better education around contraception is the reason that abortion rates in the U.S. are down. This is interesting because almost 50% of women report using some form of birth control during the month they became pregnant. 

There has also been the thought that the ban of partial-birth abortions and the limitation of time to get an abortion would reduce abortion rates. What the data is showing is that it is an inconclusive assertion, as these numbers could be linked to women getting an abortion sooner rather than later. Legislation of this kind is not harmful. It just may not be achieving the kind of results its authors intended. 

Informed consent laws are certainly great. Patients who are intending to go through with an abortion need to know the risks. They should also go home and sleep on their decision once they become aware of those risks. Mississippi has such a law, and they claim every encouraging data to support the fact that informed consent laws deter abortion-minded women from having one. What we don’t understand is how well that data has translated to other kinds of laws like it in other states. Pro-Life groups have anecdotal data from pregnancy centers with ultrasound services, but there is nothing solid to determine the effectiveness of informed consent laws in general. 

What Do We Know Works To Help A Mother Choose Life? 

Don’t be dismayed by the conflict of information around how to reduce abortion rates. We do know what does work in helping a mother choose life. Every day, men and women go to work in local pregnancy resource centers to help the women that come through their doors. The centers they work at provide life-encouraging information and sometimes medical services to help parents choose life for their unborn child. 

Finding yourself pregnant when you didn’t want to be is scary and confusing. There are so many unknowns. Homelessness, addiction, legal issues, lack of support, and finances are just some of the reasons women who come to these centers have for being unsure if choosing life for their child is right for them.

What pregnancy resources centers offer is information to help parents see the clear path to confidently choosing life. They are there to lend an ear and share the successful experiences of present and past clients who have chosen life and been so grateful for it. What can we do to reduce abortion rates in the U.S.? We can offer support and answers to their questions that make a difference between choosing life for death. 

How You Can Help Reduce Abortion Rates In America

Some of the simplest ways to help are the ones we overlook. When you care about an issue, you can sometimes delay helping by wondering how you can help in a big way. Maybe the answer is to help in a small way until you find a bigger way to help? Pregnancy resource centers need emergency items like formula, diapers, car seats, and cribs for the women coming to them for services. Could you be the one who provides one or more of these ongoing needs, even for just one month? How about committing as a family to buy one crib a year to donate to your local pregnancy center. 

How much does a package of diapers cost? Could you donate that amount of money every month to your local pregnancy center? Don’t let trying to help big prevent you from helping with all the little needs that add up to a lot of money going out from your local pregnancy center every month. Contact us today to discuss some little ways you can help out now, and leave room in your heart for making a bigger impact when the opportunity arises. 

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