Why Mothers Shouldn’t Compare Themselves To Wonder Woman

There are plenty of memes out there about moms and superheroes. Indeed, moms do a lot for their kids. But trying to live up to an expectation of a superhero like Wonder Woman isn’t going to do you any favors, Mom. There is plenty of pressure to be more than a mom should be. But mothers shouldn’t compare themselves to Wonder Woman if they want to stay grounded in who they are called to be. 

Moms are the ones making it happen for their families in more ways than one. They are the ones who are keeping everyone in check. They are the ones doing the laundry and making sure everyone eats. Moms are in charge of homework and school preparations. Moms are the ones who listen when no one else will. Moms are there with the bandaids when we fall, both physically and emotionally. Who is there when mom needs a superhero? 

Mothers Shouldn’t Compare Themselves to Wonder Woman Because They Are A Lot Like Her Already 

Aside from the cool costume and superhuman abilities, what did Wonder Woman have that moms don’t? Wonder Woman had compassion on those who were less fortunate and was always fighting for justice. Moms do that all the time. Who is the first one to back you up when you get in trouble? Your mom. When you need someone to come to your defense, you can count on your mom to be there way before anyone else. 

Wonder Woman had a lasso to rope up villains who were trying to get away. Moms are there to bring you into reality when you are going off the rails of life. Mom will bring you in close and give you a stern talking-to if you need it. Moms are good with tight hugs too. 

Moms are fierce protectors, warding off harm at every turn. Wonder Woman had those cool bracelets, but mothers seem to know when trouble is brewing before it even comes. Moms are always looking out for their kids, their families, their friends, anyone who needs motherly protection. Moms also join other moms when the job to defend the defenseless is a bigger job than just one mom. There was only one Wonder Woman, but there’s always plenty of moms to join forces with when it comes to being a force for good.

Wonder Woman was a made-up character in a Marvel Comics book. Mothers shouldn’t compare themselves to Wonder Woman because she was just a drawing, not an ideal for womanhood. We might wear cute t-shirts with sayings on them about moms being superheroes, but it’s a mistake to think you have to live up to a superhero image to be a good mom. 

Mothers Shouldn’t Compare Themselves To Other Mothers Either 

Every mom has fallen into the fatal trap of comparing themselves to other mothers. There could be nothing more self-defeating than making comparisons. We might look at another mother from the outside and think they have it so much together while we are barely holding it together, but we could be so wrong. Most of the time, we see only snapshots of someone else’s life, while we see the whole story of our own every day. It is not fair to compare yourself to another mother when you don’t have the whole story of her life to compare to yours. Moms have hard jobs. It makes it almost impossible if we are trying to always live up to the ideal of another mother. 

Every mom wants to be a good mom. Sometimes things happen in a mom’s life that makes them wonder how good a job they are doing. That can make us look outside ourselves to measure our results. This is neither helpful nor fair to do to yourself. 

Remember, no mom is the ideal mom every day of the year. Chances are, if you ever took the ideal mom you know out for coffee, she’d have a whole different take on how she’s doing with parenting. Moms can be so critical of their jobs. But it’s the mom who is worried about how good a mom she is that is usually doing a great job. Bad moms don’t care how good a job they are doing. But great moms are always trying to be better. If you wonder how you are doing as a mom, you are probably going in the right direction. 

Admitting When You Need Help Is Being A Great Mom 

There are lots of reasons moms can have times in their life when they find parenting overwhelming. Job loss, relationship issues, mental health issues, and food insecurities can make any good mom feel terrible. While any one of these things is something to deal with, none of it means you can’t get through it, Mom. 

The first step of overcoming anything is admitting when you need help. If you are a mom who is experiencing any one of these typical issues in a mom’s life, you need to know there is somewhere to turn to so you can get back on track.

Mothers shouldn’t compare themselves to Wonder Woman because that means they can’t admit they are human. And moms are real humans with needs too. If you need a hand up in life, there are people to help you. 

ABC Women’s Center is here to guide you on the right path towards resources for you and your family if you want to talk to someone about parenting help. ABC Women’s Center offers a parenting program and has a wealth of resources to refer to the mom who needs help with rent assistance, food insecurities, and mental health care. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you are a mom who needs it. We already know you are a great mom. We want you to see it for yourself. Overcoming issues to be a better mom than ever before is just one step toward greatness. Contact us today if you need guidance. 

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