Why The Nuclear Family Is Still Important In America

If you read more than one blog site out there on the state of families in America, you might conclude that the nuclear American family is going the way of the buggy whip. Indeed, the faces of the members of the American family may be changing. But the concept appears to be no less valuable. The nuclear family is still worth considering. 

Many single moms and dads have slogged it out, working 2 or 3 jobs to provide for their children. They deserve a medal. Keeping the family together without another parent in the home is a tough one for many reasons. And while some would cite that two parents are not as important, we’d like to point out some of the great reasons they are. 

The Nuclear Family Brings Strength And Stability 

There are tangible ways that the nuclear family helps the children in the home live a more stable life than those who do not have a two-parent household. These practical reasons are still valid. Just ask any single parent. 

For one, a two-parent household usually brings two incomes. Having two incomes brings better financial stability than one. With two parents working, there are double the options to be able to provide healthcare benefits to the family. Having two parents working also means better financial protection. If one parent is displaced in their job, there is still an opportunity for income with the other parent. 

Two parents also offer both parents a partner in making family and parenting decisions. Having a partner in parenting means there is another person to discuss issues affecting the home. There is also the opportunity for one parent to step in when the other is overwhelmed or emotional over a parenting situation. 

Mom and Dad Offer More Than One Perspective On Life 

It is pretty simple. Two parents mean two people with different personalities. Mom and Dad can also be from different cultures or backgrounds. Having two unique perspectives on life helps the children in a nuclear family have a more rounded view of life and living. 

What Dad can teach the children about living life, Mom can add with the things that she knows. While Dad might be a good listener, Mom might be the better deep thinker. Children can only benefit from having more than one parent in the home. 

Two parents also tend to have two different parenting styles. While this can cause friction between two parents at times, the differences can also help children better understand parental guidance and the need for both parents to work together. 

The Nuclear Family Is Made Stronger By Commitment

The one thing that is most important for the nuclear family unit to remember is that whether or not it is successful is governed by the level of commitment. Being a family is not always easy. Sometimes parents disagree with the direction the family should go. Other times, it is the children who buck the nuclear family unit. One thing will always remain; a nuclear family requires commitment. Both parents will have to agree that the outcome of the family depends on them. Children feel safer in homes when they understand that the parents are committed to each other. 

Children from two-parent households also do better in school. Statistics show that children that live with two parents are more likely to engage in after-school sports and take more risks in pursuing academic achievement over their single-parent peers. 

There are times when being one of two parents in a two-parent household is challenging. No relationship is perfect, especially with little ones involved. It is in these moments that the wise parent admits when things are hard and seeks help to resolve the issues at hand. 

Children with special needs can add to parental stress. Two parents dealing with special needs in their household have to have extra compassion and patience for one another. Finding help to reduce stress is a wise decision. Many parents find relief in joining support groups for parents with similar situations. There is power in numbers, and allowing other parents in the same situation to come alongside you and offer hard-earned advice does a lot to reduce the stress and isolation that is so common with parents who have children with special needs.

Parents Can Find Help Through Parenting Classes 

If you are a parent who needs some assistance with parenting or finds yourself in a rut with parenting these days, parenting classes may be what you need to feel refreshed with some new perspectives. We offer parenting classes for parents who are interested in strengthening their parenting skills and learning new ones. Many of the parents who have taken our parenting courses find advice and techniques that help them for the rest of their parenting lives. If you are interested in finding out more about our parenting classes, contact us today for our upcoming schedule. 

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