Why We Cannot Wait For The Supreme Court To Ban Abortions

If you type “abortion law” in your Internet search bar, you will find an avalanche of news reports on states either outlawing all abortions or states passing the most radical abortion laws ever recorded in history. At any one time, the unborn are either never so at risk for death at any stage of gestation, or never so safe from harm. Or are they? As the Pro-life nation, many of us are waiting to see what shakes out on the legal front to know what to do next when it comes to abortion laws in their state. It would be nice to assume that waiting for the supreme court to ban abortions would somehow make abortions magically go away. Abortions were a thing before they were ruled on by the supreme court and they likely will afterward. It is in knowing what you are dealing with in the first place that helps you understand why we can’t wait for the supreme court to ban abortions. 

The reason that abortions are even something to think about is what the Pro-life movement is dealing with. The single most pervasive misconception for those who consider themselves anti-abortion is that the woman facing an unplanned pregnancy needs to understand they are carrying a baby. Hear this now; in this day and age, women are not confused by what is happening to their bodies. They know they are carrying a life inside them. What we are combatting is the reasons they value their life over the one in their womb. 

Waiting On The Supreme Court To Ban Abortions Is Causing Deaths Now 

Maybe the Supreme Court of the United States will decide on Roe V. Wade that reverses the decision. Even if that is so, it seems to be a ways off. While we wait, what can we do today to save the lives of the unborn? 

What are the reasons that women are choosing abortion today if they know they are carrying a baby? There are quite a few, but most of them are self-driven. Being able to reach women contemplating or planning to have an abortion need intervention. Reaching women to have conversations about why they are choosing abortion, and what can be done to overcome the personal challenges they, have takes a lot of effort. 

Planned Parenthood is a household name. It’s also an International brand. When women are searching for an abortion solution, they are typing in their name. Pregnancy resource centers need the finances and the skillsets to intervene in women searching online for abortion solutions. Planned Parenthood spends millions of dollars each year for marketing efforts, especially those efforts designed to direct online traffic away from pregnancy resource centers to their resources instead. 

Your local pregnancy resource center is trying to redirect abortion-minded women to their solution with pennies on the dollar to spend compared to Planned Parenthood. While we wait for the Supreme Court to ban abortions, your pregnancy resource center needs money to compete with marketing efforts and the finances to hire people qualified to help them do that. 

How Pro-Life People Can Help Pregnancy Resource Centers

Your pregnancy resource center is always going to need diapers, wipes, and other baby items for the women who utilize their resources in the parenting phase of parenthood. But what they need is money for marketing and resources for women in the gestation phase of parenthood. Much is required to serve women during their pregnancy, more so than when they give birth. 

How can you help women in the gestation phase of motherhood? Would you be willing to direct some of the money you use for other non-profit causes to your local pregnancy center? Would you be willing to give up just one cup of coffee at Starbucks a week and dedicate that to your local pregnancy resource center every month? Contact us today to find out more about being a financial partner

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