Why We Need To Listen To Abortion Survivors About Abortion Rights

When people think about abortion rights, they are never considering abortion survivors as part of the conversation. Yes, there are people who have survived their mother’s attempt to abort them. That is the inconvenient part of the abortion argument that no one likes talking about. What would you do if the child you were attempting to abort survived the abortion? It is that scenario that can change everything. It is always the one thing you didn’t count on that can shake the foundations of what you believe. 

Why should we consider this? Are abortion survivors a thing? They are, and we need to listen to them. Abortion rights are usually focused on the woman and her ability to choose to have an abortion if she wants to. But the person who survives an abortion sees abortion rights from a completely different perspective for obvious reasons. 

Baby Roe of the famed Roe Vs. Wade landmark case deciding abortion rights in America has been speaking out lately. She has spent a long time trying to avoid the spotlight that her biological mother’s case has tried to catch her in. Now she is ready. Jane Roe (Norma McCorvey) is deceased now. Her thoughts on such matters are memorialized in her book, Won By Love

Abortion Survivors Care About Abortion Rights As Well 

Melissa Ohden is a familiar name in Pro-Life circles. You would know her from the commercial that aired, highlighting her story as a baby who survived her biological mother’s saline abortion. There was much ado made about this commercial, positive and negative, but one thing it did do was force America to confront the truth of abortion survivors and what that should mean for abortion rights. 

Not surprisingly, NARAL and abortion providers like Planned Parenthood have done a lot to try and squeeze the abortion survivors’ voices from the conversation on abortion rights. But trying to expand abortion rights to include all terms of abortion creates a conundrum for the likes of these organizations; the longer the gestation, the more likely abortion survivors become. In short, we have to face this truth as part of the conversation on abortion rights. 

What are the rights that abortion survivors should have if they survive a procedure designed to take their lives? That should be a pretty obvious answer, although Pro-Abortion organizations like to pretend that the answer is not an easy one to find. It is this controversy that needs greater conversation among Pro-Life organizations. We can do more to advance the voice of abortion survivors, shedding light on this truth. If late-term and full-term abortion is on the horizon more so than it is already, then Pro-Life groups must propel the voice of abortion survivors into the conversation. 

How Do We Advance The Conversation For Abortion Survivors? 

Pro-Lifers must get actively involved in bringing the story of abortion survivors to the forefront of the Pro-Life conversation. We must stop pretending this scenario doesn’t exist. The ones that have survived one are eager to tell you they deserve a say when it comes to abortion rights. 

Where does this conversation leave Baby Roe? While she remains steadfast in concealing what her position is on Pro-Life issues, she does reveal a few things in her recent interviews:

  • She doesn’t want to be held responsible for the legalization of abortion. 
  • She has definite feelings about the woman who wanted to abort her.
  • She didn’t think her biological mother wanting to abort her was a good thing. 
  • She didn’t want to have a relationship with Norma because of this. 

Yes, people survive abortions, and they also have feelings toward the women who attempted to abort them. This is another inconvenient truth that must be discussed as part of the abortion decision, “If your child survives your abortion, how will you handle that?” 

Talk Through All The Scenarios Before You Consider Abortion 

Pregnancy resource centers like ABC Women’s Center are here to help women talk through all the aspects of abortion before they have one. Maybe you didn’t consider that your child would survive your abortion. What will you do if he or she lives? Let’s talk about your decision before you are sure abortion is right for you. Contact us today for a consultation. 

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