Q: Does ABC refer for abortions?

A: ABC does not perform or refer for abortions. However, here is what ABC can do for you:

  1. Conduct a free lab-quality pregnancy test.
  2. Perform a free limited obstetric ultrasound exam, reviewed by a licensed physician, to determine how far along you are. Knowing how many weeks/days pregnant you are is important in determining which type of abortion procedure you would have to undergo.
  3. Provide free confidential Options Counseling to review the different types of abortion procedures (pharmaceutical, surgical, etc.), and any risks or potential side effects. It’s important to receive comprehensive information on all your options to make an informed decision.

We encourage you to schedule an ultrasound appointment at ABC. You do not have to go through this overwhelming process alone.

Q: How early can your test detect pregnancy?

A: ABC Women’s Center offers Early Pregnancy Tests (E.P.T.’s) that can detect a pregnancy 3-5 days before a missed period.

Q: Are the services free?

A: Yes, all of ABC Women’s Center’s services are completely free. ABC is a non-profit organization. We’ve intentionally structured our organization so we don’t make money on any pregnancy decision that you make. That means we can provide unbiased information without a financial conflict of interest. And we’ll do it in a caring, non-judgmental way. Visit our Services page for a list of all of the services available to you.

Q: What should I expect during my first appointment?

A: When you come to ABC Women’s Center for your first appointment, you will be greeted by our receptionist. You will want to come to the Center a few minutes early to fill out your initial intake paperwork (10-15 mins). You will be introduced to a Client Advocate who will spend some time getting to know you and discussing your current situation. Once we have confirmed your pregnancy through a pregnancy test, your Client Advocate will speak to you about the services we provide and how we can best serve your immediate and long term needs.

Q: Do I need to bring anything with me to the appointment?

A: We ask that you bring a valid form of ID: driver’s license, picture ID, student ID, passport, etc.

Q: What is “Options Counseling?”

A: Options counseling offers a woman a safe place to think, process and share her thoughts regarding her pregnancy decision. At ABC we use a tool called a ‘Pregnancy Decision Aid’ to help a woman assess her options and make the best choice. As a life affirming center we don’t perform or refer for abortions. We offer current and relevant information and education on abortion, adoption and parenting. We can connect clients with adoption agencies and for those clients who choose to parent they can take part in ABC’s Parenting Program (0-2).

Q: I already know I’m pregnant. Can I still utilize your services?

A: Of course. Bring proof of your pregnancy to your appointment or take a pregnancy test with us to confirm. Our staff will be happy to talk about options and services with you.

Q: I just had a baby. Can I still join the ABC Parenting Program?

A: ABC Women’s Center prefers to begin working with clients at the start of their pregnancy journey so that we have the opportunity to build strong relationships. However, we do occasionally make exceptions. Please contact the Center today to speak with our staff about your needs.

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