Parenting Information

The choice to parent, just like your other options, is not an easy one to make. If you are faced with an unplanned pregnancy, you may be concerned about providing for a family. However, being a successful parent comes from being able to provide your child with a strong support system. If you can give them support, there are many community resources and government organizations to help in other areas. ABC Women’s Center can point you in the right direction of these services so you can get the assistance you need to provide a positive impact on your child.

Am I Ready to Parent?

You may be asking yourself: am I ready to be a parent? Before making a decision, it’s important to find answers to the following questions to ensure you are making the right decision for your situation.

  • Can I financially support a child?
  • Will the father be involved in parenting?
  • Will my family and friends support me?
  • Do I have a safe place to live?
  • Am I emotionally stable enough to raise a child?
  • What will I do about school/work?

After answering these questions for yourself, you will be better prepared to make an informed decision on whether you are ready to parent.

Parenting Support

At ABC Women’s Center, we believe in providing support services that empower women. Pregnant women can enroll in our Parenting Support Program that offers ongoing educational and material support for the mom and baby for two years. Are you interested in enrolling in our Parenting Support Program? Learn more about what the program offers and contact us today to enroll.