Considering the Abortion Pill?

For your health and safety, you should determine the following information first:

-Verify your pregnancy with an ultrasound.
-Determine how many weeks pregnant you are.
-Confirm the location of your pregnancy.
-Rule out medical conditions that could make you ineligible for the abortion pill.

ABC Women’s Center provides free and confidential pregnancy resources and services to women in our community, including free pregnancy testing and ultrasound. ABC Women’s Center does not refer for or provide abortion services, but we can provide the information you need before you decide.

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Your Options


Facing an unplanned pregnancy? If you are considering abortion, learn more about the abortion pill, abortion procedures, side effects, risks, what to expect and your pregnancy options. Although we do not refer for abortions, we can provide important information regarding the types of abortion, provide free ultrasound confirmation, and review your health history.


Considering adoption? Thinking about what is best for you and for your baby is important. Adoption may be an option for you as you make a plan for your child’s life. In the last decade, the adoption process has changed significantly, giving birth mothers more options and flexibility. If you have questions about the adoption process, our staff is here to listen.


If you are considering parenting, we are here to support you. Our staff knows that children don’t come with instruction manuals. That's why we provide free resources and aid at our center for single moms, parents and families so they can grow in their parenting skills. Let us help you on your parenting journey. Reach out to us today to learn more about how we can help.

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