5 Things You Need To Know Now If You Are Facing An Unplanned Pregnancy

The possibility of being pregnant when you were not planning on it is stressful enough. The sickening feeling that something that momentous is on the horizon is a feeling that many women know all too well. Being pregnant when you didn’t plan for it will keep you up at night and cause many lost hours of worry. That is why too many women make rash decisions when they are faced with this situation. Facing an unplanned pregnancy, while difficult, is often made more so by anticipating the worst-case scenarios. Unplanned pregnancies come with big questions, for sure. These are the typical worries that women facing an unplanned pregnancy have that need not be so gut-wrenching. 

It is fear of the unknown that causes us to panic more than anything. No one likes to feel unmoored by a life-changing decision. But life comes with plenty of those. Once one sits down to get the questions answered rather than panicking over them, it is clear to see those reasonable solutions to the biggest questions are always available to help one think more rationally. 

Financial Insecurity Is A Common Fear When Facing An Unplanned Pregnancy 

Fear of financial insecurity is likely the most common hurdle when facing an unplanned pregnancy. This fear comes entangled in other fears in this kind of situation, but money woes are usually what it boils down to. The most commonly reported fears with financial insecurities to have easy solutions for women facing an unplanned pregnancy. If you are willing to listen to the answers and do the steps to alleviate the fear, you will find that lack of money is not a big concern when facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Lack of Insurance – For those who do not have medical insurance, this is a big concern when facing an unplanned pregnancy. Many are not aware that most states provide free health insurance to pregnant women. The fear of insurmountable medical bills for mom and baby need not be a worry. Most pregnancy resource centers have information on how to obtain this resource for pregnant mothers. 

Fear Of Homelessness – This particular fear that pregnant mothers have is wound up in a couple of different scenarios. The first one usually centers around either the mother’s parents or significant other threatening to evict the mother if she goes through with the pregnancy. Fear of winding up on the streets pregnant is a very real concern to a lot of women facing this situation. But the cavernous divide between having to vacate where you are now to find a suitable living situation with your child is not as impossible to cross as it looks. Pregnancy resource centers help women with housing instability all the time. There are solutions for pregnant women who are facing homelessness. Many states also provide emergency housing to women who are pregnant. No matter what the situation, the solution is very unlikely to be that you have to live under a bridge for the duration of your pregnancy.

Lack of Emotional Support – Pregnant mothers who are facing an unplanned pregnancy almost always feel isolated and unsupported by their family and friends. While well-meaning people may think they are giving sound advice to a woman facing an unplanned pregnancy, none of them have to live with the decisions she has to make. It is the fear of isolation and lack of support over her decision to parent that can leave women facing an unplanned pregnancy feeling like they are out of options. With so many questions and emotions in this, it is good to seek out support. Pregnancy resource centers are that listening ear and wise counsel that women facing an unplanned pregnancy need to feel they are capable of seeing their pregnancy through. There are call centers with caring counselors for those who do not have a pregnancy center nearby who are ready to assist whenever they are needed. 

Fear of Abandonment – Sometimes deciding to parent comes with the ending of a relationship. It is that fear that can enable many facing an unplanned pregnancy to go through with abortions they never wanted to have. It is in talking through this fear that many women realize that an abortion does not prevent the relationship from ending, it just delays the inevitable. A partner who does not support her choice to parent, or worse, threatens her emotionally or physically is not a good partner. Love does not come with conditions like ending the life of your child. Find the emotional supports you need to carry your child and help you be confident in walking away from an abusive relationship for the betterment of you and your child. 

Fear of Being A Bad Parent – For women who didn’t grow up in ideal parenting situations or who endured foster care, fear of being a bad parent is a real thing. Most of the time, it is the fear, not the reality. Women who grew up with abuse or neglect can be perfectly great parents. For women who think they would not be a good parent because of their age, there are scores of women with stories of beginning their parenting journey, sometimes at the age of 13, who are great mothers. You are not your past or your parent’s past. For those who are interested, many pregnancy resource centers offer parenting classes to get new parents off on the right foot. There is no need to worry. Face your fears of parenting head-on by talking about them and getting the resources you need to overcome this fear-based challenge. 

Help For Facing An Unplanned Pregnancy In Eastern Connecticut  

There is no substitute for the right kind of help when you need it most. ABC Women’s Center has been a trusted resource for women facing an unplanned pregnancies for over 20 years. If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy in Eastern Connecticut, contact us today for a consultation on how we can help you face your pregnancy with confidence.